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7 Reasons to Celebrate Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic

Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic is celebrating it’s 7th birthday! Let’s celebrate!

Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic (FCCRSNC) started in June 2006 by Sarah Swanty and Anna Neubauer with a dream of starting a no-kill cat rescue. Seven years later and FCCRSNC has saved over 5,000 cats, as well as offering low-cost vaccinations and spay/neuter surgeries for cats and dogs- helping to save even more lives of animals in our community, and beyond!

Help me wish Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic a very happy birthday with 7 reasons to celebrate FCCRSNC!

01. Thanks for Jake, the therapy cat

Jake is an awesomely cool cat that just couldn’t make it work in any of his various homes. The staff at FCCRSNC weren’t giving up on him, and Jake was trained and registered as a therapy cat.

Today Jake lives at the shelter and goes out into the community, providing comfort and love to local citizens. Way to go, FCCRSNC!

02. Thanks for saving lives all over the state and surrounding areas!

In early May FCCRSNC took in 55 kittens from around Colorado and New Mexico from overcrowded shelters that may have had to euthanize these furry bundles of love due to limited resources and space to help all the animals in their care.

The kittens were transferred from shelters in Sterling, Colorado, Denver, Colorado, and Espanola, New Mexico to FCCRSNC, taken into the shelter and foster homes.

Later in the month FCCRSNC took in another 32 kittens from Texas! It’s a kitten-palooza!

03. Thanks for responding to local animal welfare crises

My very own furkid, Tiger, was adopted from FCCRSNC and here’s the story:

I’d been thinking about adopting a kitten for a few months towards the end of 2010 when I heard about a cat hoarding crisis that took place less than a mile from our house. In fact, we used to walk the dogs by the house where over 50 cats were living in deplorable conditions in desperate need of care.

The rescued cats went to Larimer Humane Society and FCCRSNC, greatly increasing the number of cats looking for homes in our community and straining the resources of both organizations.

When I heard about the situation I knew it was the right time for me to bring a new kitty home to give room at the shelters for the rescued cats. Tiger became one of my family and found his forever home! And Larimer Humane Society and FCCRSNC worked hard to give the rescued cats the care they desperately needed!


04. Thanks for creating families!

FCCRSNC isn’t just saving the lives of animals- they are creating families! More than ever, pets are truly part of the American family- benefiting the physical and mental health of their human family members and helping teach children about responsibility, compassion, and kindness.

FCCRSNC whizzed past their 5,000th adoption in March 2013, and they aren’t slowing down any time soon! That’s a lot of happy, healthy families.

05. Thanks for keeping pets healthy!

Did you know FCCRSNC offers low-cost vaccine clinics for dogs and cats? Keeping pets up-to-date on vaccinations reduces the spread of disease among animals and people. With recent outbreaks of rabies in Larimer County it’s important for pet owners to vaccinate their pets.

There are 4 low-cost vaccine clinics coming up at FCCRSNC in June- every other Saturday on June 15th and 29th, and every other Tuesday on June 11th and 25th. Saturday clinics are walk-in and Tuesday clinics require an appointment. Call 970-484-1861 for more information.

06. Thanks for reducing pet overpopulation!

In addition to low-cost vaccine clinics, FCCRSNC offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for dogs and cats, helping reduce pet overpopulation in Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Puppies and kittens can become pregnant as early as 4 months of age. Even pets older than 4 months can enjoy the behavioral and health benefits of being spayed/neutered, in addition to limiting future pregnancies that would lead to even more homeless pets in our community.

FCCRSNC low-cost spay/neuter surgeries cost between $39 – $59 for cats, and $84 – $134 for dogs.

Thanks to funding from PetsMart Charities, FCCRSNC is offering $20 spay/neuter surgery for puppies and kittens aged 2-6 months for the month of June! Call 970-484-1861 for more information.

07. Thanks for offering no cost spay/neuter for qualified low-income pet owners!

Every family loves their pets, but some families lack the resources needed to spay/neuter their pets- FCCRSNC is here to help! Qualifying low-income families can apply for the PAL+ Program which offers no cost spay/neuter for all the qualifying family pets.

Offering no cost spay/neuter surgery for low-income pet owners helps all families be responsible and loving pet owners! Click here for more information on PAL+!

Thanks Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter Clinic for all the great work you’ve done over the past 7 years! We’re lucky to have such an amazing organization at work in our community. Keep it up!