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Pet and Animal Events for Nov 8th – 15th


Welcome to another week of pet and animal events in Fort Collins! We have some cool free bird events coming up this week that might be fun to check out. It’s also Adopt a Senior Pet Month, and this week’s featured dog Lucky the Golden Retriever mix from the Larimer Humane Society. She’s 8 years old and very chill. She definitely looks like she’d be cool with snuggling in the winter months.  Ok, now off to the events list:

November 8th

Humane Society of Boulder Valley Happy Tails Happy Hour 

When: 5:00 – 8:00 pm

Where: West Flanders Brewing Co. Stop by after work and grab a drink in support of the animals here at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley!

November 9th and 10th 

Longmont Humane Society 

This weekend the Longmont Humane Society is looking for volunteers for holiday pet photos. Contact if you would like to help out. Contact to make reservations.

Time/Shifts: 9:30 to 1 and 1 – 4:30

Where: 9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, CO 80521

November 10th 

Bobcat Ridge Natural Area Bird Survey with Fort Collins Audubon Society 

When: Meet at 7:30 a.m.

Where: Call for location.

Leader: Denise Bretting, 970-669-1185 (W), 970-669-8095 (H).  Fort Collins Audubon Society performs a monthly bird census for the city of Fort Collins. All levels are welcome.

November 13th 

Raptors at the Library hosted by Rocky Mountain Raptor Program

When: 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Where: Harmony Library, 4616 South Shields Street Front Range Community College,Fort Collins, CO 80526

Cost: Free

November 14th 

Fort Collins Audubon Society is featuring ”Guatemala – Tikal with Cayaya Birding and Quetzal Tours”

Ann Reichhardt and Sandy Winkler, Presenters
Judy Cannon, Bird Photos Contributor

When:  Social gathering at 7, program starts at 7:30 

Where: Fort Collins Senior Center, 1200 Raintree Drive in Fort Collins 

Cost: Free

For more information check out the Audubon events page.

November 15-16th 

Denkai Animal Sanctuary Adoption Event at Petsmart 

When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Petsmart at 4432 College Avenue in Fort Collins

Save the Date! Spay-ghetti and No Balls Dinner and Craft Fair. This event is a combined effort between the Fort Collins Cat Rescue and Spay/Neuter ClinicLarimer Humane Society and Animal House Rescue and Grooming.

This family-friendly, annual event helps bring awareness of animal overpopulation to the Northern Colorado community and raise funds to support animal welfare efforts. Tickets are now available so reserve your spot and join us for an evening of great food and fabulous crafts while raising money for homeless animals.

The craft fair is free to attend, and they are still looking for people to donate crafts. Here’s more detail on the event.

A Forever Home for P. Kitty

sleepng kitty

Most of the “Happy Endings” stories on Tails Of Fort Collins have shared the adoption experiences of pets joining new families and how they found their “forever home.”I wanted to share a different perspective, one that shows both sides of the story.

We were living in Portland, Oregon with our Pug, Buddha and Beagle, Beck. As someone who has always loved cats and their soft cuddles, I had been practically begging my husband to adopt one. I suppose years of talking about it finally wore him down and we picked up “Blueberry” from the Oregon Humane Society.

She was a small and friendly little grey and white kitten – so cute and cuddly, curious and adorable. We also changed her name to P. Kitty (yes, like P. Diddy). We called her Kitty. She got along with our dogs very well and even fared well on our move to Colorado (and two more houses in Fort Collins after that). While I was pregnant with each of our sons – sick, suffering and basically bedridden from complications, Kitty was there to cuddle with and offer her cat comfort. She would often knead my stomach, which felt like a gentle cat massage on my separating ribs, and curl up and rest right on top of my growing belly. She became my pregnancy pal.

As the boys grew older, we began to realize our oldest was allergic to Kitty. He had been scratching himself so much, leaving open sores on his skin. He would wake up with blood-spotted sheets. An allergy test confirmed that he was highly allergic to both cats and dogs. We would have to be a pet-free family.

By this time our dogs had passed on. We only needed to find a home for Kitty. It was heartbreaking, but there was no other choice. I shared the details with my friends and family on Facebook. I soon had a comment for a very good friend in Fort Collins offering to take her in, and it couldn’t have been a better situation.

cuddle cat

Ellen had a house full of kids, dogs, and a cat (and now, a rat). She is a sweet animal lover at heart and I couldn’t imagine Kitty living in a better home. The benefit to having a friend adopt her is that I get regular text messages on how Kitty is doing in her home, including photos of her nestled in with the kids at night. She was a happy cat, Ellen’s family loved her, and I could still get a Kitty fix with a pet and a cuddle here and there when I would visit.

kitty cake

When we first adopted Kitty from the Humane Society, we thought we would be her “forever home.” Rehoming a pet is never easy, but having a great friend take her in eased a lot of guilt and concern. It’s nice to have updates knowing how happy she is with her new family.

- Kristin Mastre