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Pet and Animal Events for December 6th – 13th

adoptable pets, ferret, Larimer Humane Society

Now that you’ve been trapped inside all week, get out for some fresh air and to check out some fun critter events this weekend!

In the spirit of the wintry week, I chose to feature Shrek the white, 6-year old male ferret. He does look pretty sweet! You can adopt him at the Larimer Humane Society.

Saturday December 7th

Denkai Animal Sanctuary Adoption Event

When: 12 – 3 p.m.

Where: Petsmart at 4432 S College Ave. in Fort Collins, 80525

Sunday December 8th 

Rocky Mountain Raptor Program Open House

When: 11:00-3:00 p.m.

Where: 720 East Vine Drive, Fort Collins

This facility is usually closed to the public, so this is a great opportunity to really see how the staff cares for injured raptors. The event will feature numerous live raptors on display, as well as educational exhibits including skeletons, x-rays, feathers and eggs and tours of the facility. Homemade snacks and hot beverages are included! What better way to spend a winter Sunday? You can also check out RMRP for more information.

Monday December 9th 

Holiday Pet Photos at the Foothills Mall 

When: 5 – 7 p.m., every Monday throughout December.

Where: Santa’s Workshop

Just bring along your pet in a carrier or on a leash and the photographers at Santa’s Workshop will do the rest!

Tuesday December 10th 

If you don’t know already, it’s Colorado Gives Day, a great opportunity to donate to non-profits (especially animal rescues or animal-related causes) . Give with your heart and wallet to support your favorite Colorado-based animal organization.

December 12th 

December Potluck and Member Slideshow Program sponsored by the Fort Collins Audubon Society 

When: 6:30 p.m

Where: Fort Collins Senior Center 1200 Raintree Drive

The December program features members and guests who wish to share wildlife photos from their personal photography collections in a slide show. (Please limit your slide presentation to 10 minutes). The Senior Center will provide the screen, digital projector, sound system—you bring your photos!

For the potluck the  Fort Collins Audubon Society will provide coffee, tea and water. Those attending, please bring a dish to pass, your own place setting, and serving and eating utensils.

The month of December is also Adopt ‘Til you Drop…a combined adoption effort between the Fort Collins Cat Rescue Spay and Neuter Clinic and the Best Friends Animal Society. All adult cats are only $12 all month to help all these kitties find a great home before the end of the year.

That wraps things up for this coming week. Stay warm and safe out there!

Holiday Pet Photos: The Good, Bad and Hilarious

holiday pet photos, awkward family pet photos

Pets are more than animals that live in our homes, they are truly a part of the family. After 14 years in Fort Collins it’s part of what I really appreciate about living here, and how finding animals good, loving homes is a large focus in our family-friendly community.

And with the holidays gearing up I started thinking about how being part of any loving family means you are all in it “together”, especially when it comes to holiday photos. Pets not only share love and affection like a family member, they are also part of family activities like group photos. Personally I’m not super big into celebrating the holidays, so my two cats won’t be jammed into Santa hats any time soon, but there are people who really love including their pets in the spirit of the season.

holiday pet photos

holiday pet photos

The Fine Line Between Cute, Creepy and Hilarious Holiday Pet Photos

So as I was doing research on photos for this holiday pet photo post I started thinking — run-of-the-mill holiday pet photos are cute and give you the “warm fuzzies”, but what makes them stand apart from anyone else’s? Holiday photos with your animals are special because of and the connection you’ve created with them and all the little quirks that make them a unique family member.

But then there is a whole other level of holiday photos that even if I totally understand the human-animal connection, still defy any level of logic I could possibly try to piece together.

Enter — awkward family photos, pet-edition.

holiday pet photos


holiday pet photos

As you already know my level of holiday spirit is minimal at best, but aside from laughing at some of the photos I researched, I felt a combination of confusion and amazement at the same time. The people in these photos REALLY love their animals and wanted to communicate that in a photo. So I came to the conclusion that these pet owners must be thinking one of three things when staging photo sessions:

  • These photos are so awesome!
  • I don’t care what anyone else thinks — at all. (Good on them).
  • These pictures are hilarious — wait to people check these out!

I take photos of my cats all the time, mostly “just because” they are doing something I deem adorable, completely weird or hilarious. Yes, you will see some of those pictures simply because I have a pet and animal blog that requires a consistent infusion of cuteness and well, ya’ll love seeing animal photos. I just wouldn’t necessarily go to the trouble of staging or organizing a specific photo shoot that centers around my pet.

Resources for Quality Pet Photos

Despite my personal feelings, I’ve seen some nicely done pet holiday photos. In fact, the Foothills Mall  in Fort Collins is doing pet-specific photos with Santa at the mall every Monday evening in December from 5 – 7 p.m. at Santa’s Workshop. There are also some local pet photographers that do great work, including Free Bird Photography and Allison Mae Photography. So if you are going to jump in and get a professional photo of your furry family member this holiday, you might as well connect with someone that works well with animals and creates beautiful photos.

Photographers also help a lot with staging suggestions, especially when doing photos within your own home. Let’s face it, most of these hilarious pet photos were done in someone’s home, so it might help to have a professional come in to take care of all the background details that help make photos amazing.

dog, holidays, presents

Pet Photos with an Hilariously Awesome Twist

Although these photos are not holiday related, I wanted to give a shout out to the blog Dog Shaming that takes pet photos in a hilarious direction. If you haven’t already checked out this Tumblr site, go there now. It features dogs looking shameful and posing with a handwritten sign from their owner that broadcasts the dirty details of their dastardly deeds.

I know people sometimes have mixed feelings about how to handle disciplining animals, but as a pet owner, you also know the frustrating things animals do that make you crazy. That’s why this blog is great. There is a sense of universal connection as a pet owner because you can relate to the behavior, while at the same time, it also helps you appreciate all the ways your pet is well-behaved.

dog shaming

There is a similar blog for cats, but it’s most made of up cute cat photos with a crazy one thrown in here and there. I just think it’s much harder to catch cats in the act. Usually you just see the aftermath, like the handful of shredded tissues pulled out of the tissue box and chewed when the food bowl is empty for example. That trick is an old standby for my cat Monty.

So as a pet owner, what you do think of holiday pet photos or family portraits with pets? Would you spend the money to get a professional photo of your pet or do you prefer to stick with candids? What about the “shaming” blog? Does it go too far or is it hilarious?

If you are interested in seeing more hilarious pet photos you can check out The Awkward Family Photos site (you can see that’s where I got most of these gems), and they have tons of pet photos as well. There’s also a book called Awkward Family Pets that you can pick up as a holiday gift.

So cheers to the holiday season!

holiday pet photos


Celebrate Fort Collins Give Away! Read Tails and Win Free Local Goodies

Celebrate Fort Collins Giveaway, The Scoop Blogs

It’s obvious to anyone who lives here (or is WISHING they lived here) that Fort Collins is a fun, family-friendly, laid-back, beer-loving city that offers a little something special to people of all ages. From the outdoor-friendly lifestyle, rich wildlife and pet-loving residents, to the dynamic community of people who celebrate, art, food and music, this city is evolving and transforming in new and exciting ways while continuing to honor it’s historical roots.

Fort Collins gets great press just by doing it’s own thing, and that’s because the people here are passionate about who they are and sharing it within the local community.

As a blogger for the The Scoop Blog Network, I’m excited to be part of a community organization that supports each of us to write about the aspects of Fort Collins we love most, and the things that make our city both enjoyable and fulfilling. The Scoop bloggers create places online for people to learn about what makes Fort Collins “Fort Collins”, and invites readers to join us in sharing knowledge and joining community discussion.

To celebrate the unique passion, creative voices and awesomeness of Fort Collins, the bloggers at The Scoop Blog Network are hosting a “Celebrating Fort Collins” giveaway from December 2nd through January 3rd. We’ve partnered with tons of people who represent the rich, diverse businesses and resources available in Fort Collins to create an incredible prize pack for ONE lucky network reader.

Here’s How It Works

Start reading and following! We’ve got so many blogs to pick from, so what better time to check out new blogs you haven’t read or older ones you haven’t caught up on in a while?

Each reader will get one entry for every blog account they follow, five entries for telling us what your favorite blog is and why, and another five entries for every time you tweet this contest to your friends on twitter (entrants can do this once a day).

We’re using the Rafflecopter system to collect your entries. It will show you how much time is left to enter, how many people have submitted entries, and how many entries you’ve earned.

The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning! One super lucky reader will be randomly selected and emailed to pick up the most epic prize pack given away in Fort Collins.

We love blogging about Fort Collins and we’re excited to celebrate living in this great city with you! So why not take some of the time you are pretending to work and learn or join in the community discussion?

Good luck to all our readers and thanks to all of the businesses who support us, making this giveaway possible!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And don’t forget, there is still time to donate a prize to include in the Celebrate Fort Collins giveaway if you are interested. Just email with details. We’ll keep you updated as new items are added!


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 Photo credit: greyloch