5 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Pet

Looking to bring a pet into your home? It’s never been more advantageous to adopt a shelter pet!

While there are many places to look for a family pet, from backyard breeders to pet stores to craigslist, adopting from one of Northern Colorado’s shelters animal organizations is undoubtedly the smartest choice you can make.

The three major shelters in Fort Collins are Larimer Humane Society, Animal House Rescue and Grooming, and Fort Collins Cat Rescue. These great organizations provide adoption, education, and support to pets and pet owners in our community.

5 Reasons To Adopt a Shelter Pet

01. Save a life

Adopting from a rescue organization frees space in that shelter for another homeless animal.

Millions of healthy, adoptable pets are euthanized in the United States each year. Every pet adopted from the shelter counts for 2 lives saved- the life of your new pet and the life of the adoptable pet that takes her place at the shelter.

02. Find the right match for your family

Responsible rescues like those we have in Fort Collins carefully observe the behavior and temperament of adoptable animals and communicate this information to potential adopters. You’ll have better information about the animal you bring into your home when you adopt from a shelter.

Additionally, shelter pets usually come home with a health report from a licensed veterinarian.

03. Save money

Adoption fees from shelters in Northern Colorado are often less expensive than fees charged by breeders and pet stores. Most of our shelters offer discounted adoption rates for older pets and even have adoption specials.

Family pets adopted from shelters also come home spay/neutered, up-to-date on shots, and often micro-chipped, saving you even more money!

04. Support your community

Pet overpopulation is a serious problem that has many negative effects on communities including the spread of disease, becoming a public nuisance, damage to personal property, and injury to people and animals.

Adopting from a shelter keeps pet population low and reduces negative effects of overpopulation in Fort Collins. And since Larimer Humane Society is partially funded by the taxpayers adopting from the Humane Society offsets the cost to taxpayers for the services the shelter provides.

05. Be a hero!

When you adopt from a shelter you will be a hero to a homeless pet!

Check out these awesome adoptable animals!

Blitz @ FCCRPhoto courtesy of Fort Collins Cat Rescue

This cute kitty is Blitz, available for adoption through Fort Collins Cat Rescue!

Enrico @ Animal HousePhoto courtesy of Animal House Rescue and Grooming

This awesome smile belongs to Enrico, available for adoption through Animal House Rescue and Grooming!

Mimi @ Larimer HumanePhoto courtesy of Larimer Humane Society

Small animals need homes too! Check out this pink-nosed darling named Mimi, available for adoption through Larimer Humane Society!

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