7 Reasons We Love Dogs

Yeah, I’m a cat person but the fur doesn’t stop there- I’m a dog person, too! Dogs are great, and what’s not to love?

Colorado is undoubtedly a dog-friendly state, and Fort Collins is a dog-friendly city. Just take a stroll through Old Town in summertime and you see dogs everywhere. I’m in good company- Fort Collins loves dogs! Why- because dogs are awesome!

7 Reasons We Love Dogs

01. Dogs go where we go

Dogs are part of our families and part of our lives. They go with us just about everywhere- to the park, running errands, visiting family. Dogs are constant companions.

02. Dogs are great outdoor adventurers

Dogs love the great outdoors as much as most Coloradoans. We take our dogs hiking, camping, and exploring! I can’t think of a better buddy for outdoor fun.

03. Dogs are trainable

Good luck training your cat- cats are far more likely to train people. Dogs, on the other hand, can be trained to do amazing things!


Image via Imgur

04. Dogs save lives

It seems like there’s a news story about a dog saving the lives of their family every few days. Just check out this story from last week about a pit bull that saved her family from a fire:

05. Dogs make good nap partners

I can always count on my dogs to snuggle up with me for naptime! Case in point, Malcolm and Maggie napping:

Maggie & Malcolm napping

06. Dogs make us laugh

"Just a Minute" Means ONE....

Image via Cheezburger

07. Dogs keep people healthy

Owning a pet, dog or cat, is good for your health! And walking your dog regularly is good for you and your dog!

7 Fun Facts About Dogs

01. More than 1 in 3 families in the US own a dog

02. Petey, the dog from the TV classic Little Rascals, was an American Bulldog, a breed often classified as a “pit bull”.

03. The US has the largest dog population in the world.

04. Dog nose prints are as unique as human fingerprints.

05. Dogs hear 10 times better than people.

06. George Washington owned 36 dogs.

07. 70% of dog owners sign their dog’s name on greeting cards.

Tell me about it! Why do you love your dog? What’s the best part of sharing your home with a pup?

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