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Katrina is a professional writer who loves living in an animal-friendly city like Fort Collins. She’s a former pet sitter, and has also worked at the Larimer Humane Society in the now-defunct WildKind helping rehab wild animals. Katrina has held a baby fox (shhh, don’t tell), strung a boa constrictor around her neck (there is photo proof) and felt the fur of a domesticated pet skunk (it was prickly).

While Katrina does not consider herself specifically a ‘cat person’, she is employed by two cats and is quite the sucker for kittens. She is very passionate about quality animal care, services and education so that both people and animals can create a long-lasting, mutually caring relationship. Most importantly, Katrina feels animals deserve to have a voice in the community.

The blog Tails of Fort Collins is focused on information for and about animals and animal welfare in Fort Collins and beyond. It covers insights from local experts, organizations and businesses so help improve the lives and pets and educate pet owners.

In addition to writing for Tails of Fort Collins, Katrina has a blog and business called Creative Katrina that offers writing and creativity consulting services, as well as insights on breaking through creative blocks. She’s been a professional writer for over 14 years and loves helping people find their true, inner voice. Her specialties include blogging, web content and content strategy. Her background includes a M.A. in Journalism and a B.S. in Business Communications.

Katrina’s free time includes reading, biking, hiking, camping, yoga, cooking yummy food and hassling her cats during their countless naps.

If you have suggestions or ideas for blog posts, you can reach Katrina at katrina@tailsoffortcollins.com.

And now, the furry friends:

Mr. Monty, AKA “Montyboogers” 

Mr. Monty



And Bruiser, AKA “The Booze”