Animal House Rescue: Celebrating 6 Years of Saving Lives

Six years ago Animal House Rescue and Grooming opened their doors. The husband and I attended the Animal House open house the first weekend in April 2007. Little did we know we’d meet and eventually adopt our sweetheart, Miss Maggie Moo.

We weren’t looking to adopt a dog. In fact, we already shared our home with 3 cats and 2 rabbits- a full house! But Maggie captured our hearts and for weeks my mind kept coming back to the sweet Boxer/American Pit Bull Terrier mix we’d seen at Animal House.

Maggie at Animal House Rescue and Grooming in 2007

Maggie at Animal House Rescue and Grooming in 2007

I had previous experience with Boxers but I only knew “pit bulls” by reputation and, let’s face it, it wasn’t a good reputation. As I thought back to the sweet dog we met I was moved to do some research on the breed. What I discovered was the “pit bull” reputation came with heaps of misinformation and even more hysteria- but that’s a story for another day.

We adopted Maggie just a few weeks after the open house and we’ve been in love with our sweet pup ever since!

Maggie was found as a stray and later surrendered to an out-of-state shelter because she had too much energy for her rescuer. After just a month at that shelter she was on the death list- scheduled for euthanasia because she hadn’t been adopted yet. She didn’t have any health problems or significant behavior issues- she simply didn’t have a home. She didn’t have a chance.

Fortunately for Maggie and for us, she was transferred from the out-of-state shelter to Animal House just in the nick of time. Her life was spared!

Maggie has been part of our family the last 6 years, thanks to Animal House Rescue and Grooming!

Maggie and I at Animal House Rescue and Grooming 6 years later!

Maggie and I at Animal House Rescue and Grooming 6 years later!

Animal House Rescue and Grooming: Six years saving lives

As Animal House approaches it’s 6 year anniversary over 2,700 lives have been saved!

Animal House Executive Director Ali Eccleston is proud of the shelter’s 1% return rate of adopted animals. The national average return rate is 12%. Way to go, Animal House!

Ali is not only the Executive Director, she helped start the shelter in 2007 after getting burned out fostering animals in her home. Ali wanted to continue to help animals and started making plans to start Animal House Rescue and Grooming in June of 2006. Almost 10 months later Animal House was open for business.

Located in Fort Collins, Animal House is a supportive resource partnering with more than 25 over-populated and under-served shelters, both statewide and nationally. They provide relief by decreasing the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable pets, giving dogs like Maggie time to find a forever home.

Animal House is funded entirely by private contributions and support from the community.

AnimalHouseRescue 002

Upcoming Events Supporting Animal House Rescue and Grooming

Choice City Comedy Nite Presents… Sit! Stay! Speakeasy!

On Saturday, April 13 at The Lincoln Center join Brandt Tobler, as seen on Comedy Central, and Animal House for a fundraising (and fun-raising!) event featuring national and local comedians, jazz music, giveaways, prizes and more in a party worthy of the Roaring 20′s.

This event is the main fundraising event for Animal House Rescue and Grooming this year. Register here.

March Madness!

Animal House is redefining March Madness.  In an effort to save a record number of dogs this month they are recruiting new foster homes. Foster homes are provided with all the supplies and tools to temporarily house a shelter dog in their house.  The animals we are currently looking for foster care are at certain risk of euthanasia.   Help save a life through fostering! More information on fostering can be found at the Animal House website.

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  • Amber

    I LOVE Animal House – they do amazing things for the community and I would recommend adopting or fostering for them! All of my dogs get groomed there and they do an amazing job!

    • Chrysta Bairre

      Thanks for sharing the Animal House love- I couldn’t agree more- they are a fantastic organization! :)

      Here’s to dog snuggles and kisses!