Back from vacation- the cats missed me most!

Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and today’s my first day back to work after spending my Labor Day weekend at Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia!

Isn’t the best part of coming home from vacation being greeted by your furry children? Though I must admit that while the dogs were happy to see me after 4 days away, it was the cats that missed me most. The cats have been practically glued to me since I got home. So much for cat independence!

I thought about this a bit and realized the dogs are really fine as long as someone is at home taking care of them, in this case my husband, whereas cats miss specific people. I’ve never felt as loved as I do when my cats will not leave me alone for a second!

When you go on vacation, how do your pets behave? What happens when you come home?

When I left for my trip I had ideas in my head about writing a riveting and engaging blog post when I arrived home but I have to say if the month of August has taught me anything, it’s taught me that I do, indeed, have limits and I can’t do all the things I want and plan to do. What I’m trying to say is, hey!, today is my regularly scheduled posting day and all you’re getting is this lousy post. I hope you find the fun in it, even if it isn’t everything I wanted it to be. The transition from vacation to real life is still in progress!

Not enough, huh? Well, here’s a cute photo of Tiger sleeping with the baby dragon I brought home from Dragon Con!

Tiger and dragon

And just in case a photo of a cute cat isn’t enough for you (why wouldn’t it be?), here’s a photo of me and Edward James Olmos from Dragon Con. So say we all!


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