Becoming a Larimer Humane Society Volunteer

A few months ago I quit my full-time corporate job and I got a part-time job at a bicycle shop. I started writing this blog (in addition to the work-life balance blog I write). My motivation behind quitting my full-time job was to write more and volunteer with animals- to create more balance and joy in my life!

Years ago I volunteered with Colorado House Rabbit Society and while it was hard work it was also very rewarding (and educational!) Considering all the wonderful animal welfare organizations in Fort Collins, I chose to volunteer with Larimer Humane Society because I wanted to renew my interest in small animals. Throughout my life I’ve cared for rats and rabbits in addition to cats and dogs. I love small animals!

Bunny SnugglesImage by CaptainSubtle

Volunteering with Larimer Humane Society

Larimer Humane Society relies on volunteers to continue to provide quality care to homeless animals, and to foster an ongoing positive and balanced human-animal relationships in our environment and our community.

There are many different types of volunteer positions available through Larimer Humane Society, from walking and socializing animals to marketing and general office administration. There’s something that interests all animal lovers and friends.

Becoming a Larimer Humane Society volunteer

Becoming a volunteer with Larimer Humane Society was a process and took more than a month to complete. I already had an idea what type of volunteer work I wanted to do and I was ready to get started with the next steps!

01. Register and attend volunteer orientation.

02. Interview with a Larimer Humane Society Department Supervisor.

03. Attend Volunteer Animal Training (VAT).

04. Attend department training, if applicable for the volunteer position.

05. Schedule home visit (applicable for Foster Care volunteers)

Ready to go!

I completed my paperwork and training and I’m ready to go! So, what volunteer position did I choose? Foster care!

In 2012 Larimer Humane Society placed 629 total animals in Foster Care due to space, health, behavior, and stress issues with animals in their care. The need for Foster Care volunteers is high to give the animals coming through the shelter the best chance at finding their forever home.

My focus will be on fostering small animals. So far I’ve seen emails about kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs needing foster care but I’ve been holding out for a small animal.Just yesterday I got the email- the shelter is bursting with rabbits and they need a few to be fostered. I immediately replied I could take one or maybe even two!

I hope to hear back from the Foster Care Manager today and I may have my very first fosters today or tomorrow! How exciting! I look forward to updating you on how it’s going, and sharing lots of photos of adorable foster animals.

I want to hear from you! Have you ever volunteered with an animal welfare organization? What was it like? Do you have any tips to share with me?

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