Dogs, and cats, and rabbits! Thanks for an awesome Reader Appreciation Event!

I am so pleased to bring you a recap and photos of my great Reader Appreciation Event!

I have been looking forward to spending time with my readers for quite some time. The original event was scheduled in July, only to be rescheduled until August. I’m happy so many of my readers were still able to make it to the rescheduled event!

We met at Juiced On Imagination, nestled between a yoga studio and children’s clothing store in Old Town Fort Collins, enjoying a bit of conversation along with fresh-brewed spiced iced tea and spinach and artichoke hummus dip.

We settled in to start painting our blue dogs (or cats, or rabbits, or paintings of our own imagination)! Our host, Julie, suggested we simply begin painting, without sketching the details first. Eeeeeep! I’m a color inside the lines kinda girl and I admit I was a little nervous about free-handing but I was up for a challenge. After initially sketching out my blue dog’s ears, I decided to give up the pencil and go with it!

We painted the ears, nose, body, and legs, filled in the background and came back to the dog itself to add highlights and contrast. The more I painted, the more the seemingly haphazard shapes became an actual dog.

Reader Appreciation Event - my blue dog in process

My blue dog in progress!

As we continued to build on our dogs, I started getting creative, adding my own flair to my painting, like orange highlights around the eyes and adding a tail to my dog.

I looked around the table and was amazed to see just how different and beautiful each of our animals became- some readers creating their own completely unique animals!


Reader Appreciation Event - bunny!

Other attendees loosely followed the inspiration of the blue dog, making their painting their own.

Reader Appreciation Event - lavendar dog

Reader Appreciation Event - yellow dog

And then there were those of us, myself included, that felt a little safer following the inspiration painting a little more closely but with different results.

Reader Appreciation Event - blue & red dog

Reader Appreciation Event - blue cat

I tried to snap photos of all the wonderful works of art but I was so wrapped up in my own painting I wasn’t able to capture good pictures of all the wonderful creations.

Here is my completed piece!

Reader Appreciation Event - My blue dog

When all our works of art were complete, we gathered for a group photo, proudly displaying our paintings.

Reader Appreciation Event - All the readers in the house!

What a fun night! Thanks to Julie at Juiced On Imagination for hosting us!

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