Easter is no treat for rabbits

Rabbits and Easter don’t mix!

Every Easter thousands of rabbits are brought home as Easters gifts for young children. The sad truth is about 80% of rabbits (and chicks) that are brought home as Easter presents die within the first year.

The fortunate “Easter” rabbits are surrendered to animal shelters within a few months. Less fortunate bunnies are abandoned in the wild where they are killed by predators within the first 72 hours.

Other “Easter” bunnies find their short lives come to an end under the care of well-meaning families that don’t fully understand what it takes to care for a rabbit.

Ignorance about rabbit health and care

While access to good information on rabbit health and care improves every day there continues to be a lack of knowledge about this unique and endearing animal.

And it’s no wonder, many of the products marketed specifically for rabbits are a poor choice for raising a healthy, happy rabbit. For example, many “rabbit” cages sold at major pet stores are far too small for rabbits and have wire bottoms that cause pain and injury to rabbit’s feet.

When I brought home bunnies of my own even I didn’t know much about rabbits. I started off with a small wire-bottom “rabbit” cage from the pet store. I was lucky enough to discover House Rabbit Society through a bunny-loving friend and correct my bunny parenting mistakes before my rabbits paid the ultimate price.

Is a pet rabbit right for your family?

Before bringing a rabbit (or any pet) into your care, please consider if a that pet is right for your family. Not only could you save a life, you and your children will get more out of the human-animal relationship when you choose the right pet for your family and lifestyle!

Rabbits are prey animals and, as such, they do not usually enjoy being held and cuddled. They are also easily frightened and physically fragile. Are you looking for a pet to hold and cuddle?

Rabbits need space to run and play. A rabbit that is kept in a cage all day every day will not live a full and healthy life. Do you have a rabbit-proofed space to exercise your bunny?

Rabbits live 10+ years, should be spayed/neutered, and require regular veterinary care. The ASCPA estimates it costs about $730 per year to care for a rabbit. Are you willing to spend at least $7,300 over the life of your pet?

Children get easily excited and may mishandle rabbits, causing serious injury to the pet. Is there an adult in the family that is willing to supervise children at all times with a pet rabbit?

Children may grow bored of rabbits. Parents have babies. Families move. Couples divorce. If your life situation changes, what will you do with your pet rabbit? Are you prepared to make a lifetime commitment?

Okay, you’ve made it this far and maybe you decided a pet rabbit is right for your family- congratulations! You can find a wealth of rabbit information to get you started at House Rabbit Society!

Maybe you are thinking twice about buying your child a bunny this Easter. Thanks for being a caring parent! Read on for fun bunny alternatives to make Easter special for your kids!

A better Easter bunny

I scoured the world, or, you know, Pinterest, for some rabbit-themed gifts to delight your family this Easter!

Easter S’mores on a stick!

Check out this fun treat! I’ve never been a big fan of Peeps but this is one recipe I’d like to try. Look at them- they’re so cute!

Source: aspicyperspective.com via Chrysta on Pinterest

Make it chocolate!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay, I actually know someone that doesn’t like chocolate (weirdo!), but chances are your kids would love a chocolate bunny in their Easter basket.

Source: 500px.com via Chrysta on Pinterest


Inspire your child’s imagination with a classic bunny tale like The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

Build a bunny!

Stuffed animals are soft and cuddly and wonderful gifts for children. You can even make it interactive and take your kids to Build-A-Bear to build a bunny of their very own.

Kids are bunnies, too

Do your kids love to play dress-up? Check out these free printable bunny ears! Now that’s some quality Easter fun!

Source: hgtv.com via Chrysta on Pinterest

 Nibble on this!

Not all Easter treats are unhealthy- check out this adorable and (mostly) healthy snack!

However you celebrate the holiday this year, consider taking the rabbit out of Easter.

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