Handing over the reins

Dear readers, you may have noticed the lack of updates on this lovely blog the last two weeks. Faced with ongoing health concerns and catching a very bad cold I’ve been unable to do much of anything other than basic self care and furkid care.

My recent illness lead me to a realization- I had to be honest with myself and now with all of you. A few months ago I experienced a flare-up of a chronic health condition. I struggled to keep up with my health, my husband, my furkids, work, volunteering, enjoy life, and blogging twice a week.

Some weeks I juggled it all just fine, other weeks, well, the truth is I compromised my health trying to keep up with it all. I realized I needed to step away from writing this blog and tend to my health.

While I will no longer be the blogger for Tails of Fort Collins, I will continue to volunteer with animals including fostering for Larimer Humane Society.

Call me crazy, but despite being very ill I took in this cute little foster pup last week to make space at the shelter for pets of families evacuated by the recent flooding. Isn’t he adorable?

Tails of Fort Collins was started because of my passion and compassion for animals. I love animals, I love writing, and I love sharing it! An awesome new blogger will be taking over Tails of Fort Collins next week but you may see guest posts from me from time-to-time. At least, I hope so! Until then, take care of yourself and each other.

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