How you can help Larimer Humane Society with just one email!

Larimer Humane Society desperately needs a new shelter facility. The current facility is too small, and the building is literally crumbling!

Larimer Humane Society Shelter Conditions

Larimer Humane Society hopes to get a tax initiative on the ballot in November to let citizens vote on a one cent per ten dollar tax.

Community support for the initiative was overwhelming and they collected over 14,000 signatures in support of putting the initiative on the November ballot. Necessary documentation was turned into the Larimer County commissioners office only to discover they were short the 11,263 eligible and verifiable signatures needed to put the initiative on the ballot.

Larimer Humane Society isn’t giving up yet. You can help by emailing county commissioners to show your support for the initiative and asking that it be put to citizens in the November ballot.

Will you send just one email?

Yesterday I received this email from Judy Calhoun, Executive Director at Larimer Humane Society:

Larimer Humane Society supporters,


I want to first thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the countless hours spent collecting signatures and/or getting the word out to get our tax initiative for a new animal shelter on the November ballot. Your support of the animals has been overwhelming and we are hopeful that you will continue to help us push this initiative forward. I wanted to give each of you a detailed update on this and encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions at 970-530-2950 or


We have been notified by the county clerk that we did not turn in as many signatures as we thought and will not have the required number of valid signatures to get our initiative on the November ballot. This is not due to lack of support of this initiative. In fact, the support of the community has been overwhelmingly positive. Nearly every person who was asked signed our petition and wants a new animal shelter in Larimer County.


Unfortunately, a counting error was made and we need your help to ensure this initiative still gets on the November 2013 ballot. We have asked the county commissioners to refer this issue to the ballot and we need you to email your county commissioners to show your support. Please act now by sending the following email to your county commissioners to help ensure a better animal shelter for generations to come.




Subject: Please put Larimer Humane Society on the November 2013 ballot


Dear Larimer County Commissioners,


Please refer Larimer Humane Society’s tax initiative to the November 2013 ballot so our citizens can vote for a new shelter for the animals in Larimer County!




(Your name here)


I know with your support we can move this initiative forward and build a welcoming home for every animal in need.


Kindest regards,
Judy Calhoun

Larimer Humane Society No Outlet

Helping animals for many years to come

A new shelter facility is absolutely necessary for Larimer Humane Society to continue to help not only the animals, but our entire community. Larimer Humane Society provides a valuable service that keeps stray and homeless animals off our streets. They provide education and support that enriches the human-animal relationship and improves the safety of all Larimer County citizens.

You can read more about the initiative, and why I wholeheartedly support it, here!

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