It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Happy Take Your Dog To Work Day!

Take Your Dog To Work Day was first celebrated in 1999 as part of a program to encourage pet adoption from animal shelters and breed rescues.

Living in Fort Collins has many advantages, one of which is enjoying the dog friendly community we share. This community creates a great opportunity to take advantage of Take Your Dog To Work Day!

While I’m excited about Take Your Dog to Work Day, I must admit I’m also a little nervous. Like I said before, my dogs aren’t perfect (and neither am I!)

What if Maggie got a case of the zoomies and started running around like crazy? What if Maggie and Malcolm started to wrestle and knocked over a piece of office equipment in the process? What if, what if, what if?!

Okay, so that’s my worst case scenario thinking, and I’m a little more optimistic than that. I am, however, also pragmatic, so I’m just going to bring one of my precious pups to work today.

Last night I performed a test run, introducing both dogs to my work environment to see how they responded. While both dogs behaved relatively well, Maggie showed some fear upon meeting one of my co-workers, so I decided to leave her at home. (Truth be told, I feel guilty leaving one of the pups at home.)

Mags at RCCAny guesses where I work?

Mal at RCCObviously, a bike shop, but which one?

And since I’m a planner, here’s my plan to make the most of Take Your Dog To Work Day:

  • Perform a test run to introduce the dogs to the environment and gauge their comfort level – (Done!)
  • Bring just one dog to work – (Malcolm)
  • Take the dogs for a walk before work to wear them out (even though I’m only bringing one to work)
  • Pack nummy treats to create positive co-worker-dog introductions
  • Pack a cozy, comfortable bed for dog snoozing
  • Be prepared to take a break and bring Malcolm home if it doesn’t seem to be going well – (Huzzah for working less than 2 miles from home!)

Okay, people, I’m ready to go!

I’ll be sharing photos and updates on Facebook and Twitter, so follow and join the fun!

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