A new shelter for Larimer Humane Society

Larimer Humane Society wants to build a new shelter at the cost of $16.5 million- $13 million of which could be paid by taxpayers. While some may protest the proposed temporary tax increase, there are many great reasons to support it.

How Larimer Humane Society benefits our community

Larimer Humane Society provides many valuable programs and services that support our community. Just a few of these services include:

  • Provide shelter and care for almost 12,000 lost, surrendered, ill and injured wild and domestic animals each year.
  • Places spayed and neutered animals into new homes for a reasonable fee.
  • Offers spay/neuter assistance through Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (SNIP) program.
  • Reunites lost pets with owners.
  • Licenses dogs, cats, and chickens.
  • Investigates animal cruelty.
  • Provides animal behavior assistance through online help sheets.
  • Rents humane traps to the public for a nominal fee.

These services benefit our community by keeping homeless animals off our streets, reducing pet overpopulation, minimizing animal nuisance occurrences, and supporting proper behavior management.

Whether or not you are an animal lover, most individuals appreciate programs and services that regulate and manage the animal population in our community.

Why a new shelter is needed

Larimer Humane Society’s current shelter building is cramped, overcrowded and worn out. The building is structurally unstable and the foundation is cracking. There is no room to grow with the needs of the community.

A new shelter for Larimer Humane Society would allow the organization to  provide current services, and expand on those services, in the years to come. Without a new shelter it’s uncertain if Larimer Humane Society could continue to promote a safe, healthy, and harmonious relationships between humans and animals.

Larimer Humane Society Shelter Conditions

The proposed tax increase- how it works

Our community has the opportunity to weigh in on a proposed temporary tax increase in the form of a citizen initiative that will help fund a new shelter facility. This initiative will determine if we will vote on the tax on the November 2013 ballot.

The first hurdle is getting the initiative on the ballot in November. Larimer Humane Society needs 12,000 signatures to put the initiative to a vote. Volunteers are collecting signatures at campaign events. Additional signatures are being collected at the Larimer Humane Society Shelter and Administrative offices.

If appropriate signatures are collected and the initiative gets on the November ballot, Larimer County voters will vote on the temporary tax increase.

The tax would include a one penny ($.01) per $10 sales tax. The tax would not be levied on groceries and other items that do not currently incur sales tax. The proposed temporary tax would expire after the required funds were raised, or at the end of six years, whichever comes first.

What does that mean to you, really? Let’s say you spend $500 per month on clothing and household supplies, not including groceries. Under the proposed tax you would pay an additional 50 cents ($.50) tax per month- that’s an extra $6 per year.  Are you willing to give $6 per year to Larimer Humane Society?

I’m voting yes

I have already signed the initiate and will vote YES on the tax should it make it’s way to November ballot. We desperately need an updated and expanded shelter to continue to provide programs and services that benefit animals and our community as a whole.

This issue is not just about being an animal lover- a new shelter for Larimer Humane Society supports our community and it’s relationship with animals. Maintaining a healthy and balanced animal population benefits one and all.

Larimer Humane Society No Outlet

Do you support the tax increase? Why or why not?

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