Luxury Care for Pets in Fort Collins: Four Paws Pet Hotel and Resort


Four Paws Pet Hotel and Resort is one of the newest pet boarding facilities in Fort Collins and it’s definitely one-of-a-kind. Located on South College as part of the Pet Wellness Clinic, Four Paws draws on the benefits of sharing key services across the two facilities to offer a level of pet care that spans health and wellness to luxury care.

Personally, I wanted to talk with co-owner and Veterinarian Dr. Brenda McClelland about Four Paws because it definitely raises the bar in terms of what pet owners can expect in a quality boarding facility, not to mention a pet hotel sounds so cool! She co-owns Four Paws with her husband and fellow vet,  Dr. Mike Jewell.


During the tour the first thing that popped into my mind is that Four Paws isn’t just a place to leave your pet while you take a vacation – it’s where you take your pets FOR a vacation.

The idea behind Four Paws is to mimic exactly what people get when they check into a hotel except the focus is on luxury for pets. McClelland said she wants pets to have what’s important to them and their owners, including comfortable lodging with a range of sizes, luxury grooming, privacy, day care, and specialized, hands-on handling that includes an itinerary unique for the needs of each pet guest.


One of the luxury options for pet guests, full grooming.

Four Paws Pet Services and Accommodations

When McClelland first got the idea for Four Paws, she made sure she did a good amount of research before jumping into business.

“I called and talked to other pet hotel owners in California, Florida and New York to see what they were offering at their facilities. Their insight was so helpful in planning Four Paws and making some of the big decisions about how we wanted to set things up,” says McClelland. “I also paid close attention to what my vet clients wanted in a boarding facility. Every person I talked to wanted 24 hour care, so that was first priority.”

cat boarding

Collection of cat rooms for boarding including a cat playroom in the center.


private cat boarding

Here is a view of a private cat boarding room, complete with private camera access.

Four Paws has someone on staff round-the-clock. That’s unheard of at any other boarding facility in the area. The hotel also has public access and private access cameras. Public access cameras are in doggie daycare, outside in the yard and in the main cat boarding room and can be viewed directly from the website. Private web camera access is available for an extra $5 per room so you can check on your pet at any time, day or night.


Holding room for pets arriving for hotel or doggie daycare.

As a vet, McClelland is also very aware of what animals need when they first arrive in a strange place. There is a designated holding area for any pets attending daycare or checking into the hotel, allowing for a bit of extra time to settle down before heading to daycare or their accommodations.

To help make things easier for injured or senior dogs, Four Paws has a motorized lift. This enables animals to travel easily and painlessly get to their room or daycare.


Motorized lift for injured or senior dogs.

Now let’s talk details on the dog accomodations! Four Paws offers shared rooms for animal families as well as private rooms. There are a range sizes available with scaled pricing – just like a human hotel. Each room has a bed that will host your pet in sheer comfort.

dog boarding, private rooms

One set of private dog hotel rooms.


dog bed, dog boarding

One of the dog beds available in a hotel room.

There are three sizes for dog rooms:

Standard: 25 X 30 square feet
Executive: 35 X 40 square feet
Presidential: 50 X 60 square feet

Rooms can be shared via a removable pet door for even more space.

There’s also a designated “flow sheet” kept in the mailbox outside of each private room and includes details like the pet’s name, food requests, exercises requests, required walk times, medications, favorite toys or any other special requests. Medication distribution is part of the flat rate charged for boarding, not an extra cost.

This is where the flow sheet for a pet is kept, tracking persona information, preferences and special treats.

This is where the flow sheet is kept, tracking personal information, preferences, medications or special treat add-ons.


More Little Extras that Set Four Paws Apart

It’s hard to believe, but there are even more extras!

Light, relaxing music plays all day-long in the facility and lights out is at 11 p.m. sharp. Owners can check in or check out pets at any time as there is always someone on staff.

Pets receive a treat on their pillow (similar to what we be a mint for humans) that’s healthy and locally sourced. You can request a “frozen special treat” as part of your boarding package and it will be added to the pet’s flow sheet.

If your pet is not feeling well, there is also a designated isolation area so they can recover in peace, quiet and luxury.

wall decoration in four paws

There are so many little touches!

And of course the most important part of Four Paws is the 24-hour surveillance monitored away from the pet rooms so they won’t be disturbed.

pet cameras

Staff can view all the feeds around the hotel.

Future Plans for Four Paws

“There are still some things we would like to add to Four Paws,” says McClelland, “including a doggie pool and a private area for small dogs complete with condos and a small dog daycare. We are also working on a VIP program for frequent guests,” says McClelland. “Plans are currently in the works to host private Skype calls between pets and owners.”

I think the best part for pet owners interested in using Four Paws is the availability of important services like vet care, urgent care and boarding, all in one location. Four Paws is very service oriented, and wants to make things as easy as possible for owners and pets while offering animals an experience of luxury.

Pricing starts at $20 per night for cats and $40 for dogs, with discounts for multiple pets. Other services are also discounted while your pet is boarding, including daycare, hotel baths and more. The staff can provide more detailed information on pricing based on your unique needs.

So would you leave your pets in luxury? Or would you be jealous?

sleeping dogs

Two guests, fast asleep.

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  • Amelia Wieber Cpdt-ka

    Great article, Katrina!! This place rocks! Oh and shameless plug, I teach puppy, dog, and cat training and socialization classes there ;) HUGS <3

    • Katrina Pfannkuch

      Four Paws really is a great place! It’s awesome that you are adding your expertise to further contribute to the services they offer. Yay!