My dogs are not perfect

It’s confession time, people- my dogs aren’t perfect.

I adore my pups, Maggie and Mal, but they do misbehave. Sometimes they jump up on guests in our home. Sometimes they go crazy barking at the person walking by. Sometimes they manage to run multiple pairs of tights on the same day!

If I had to measure their behavior I’d say Maggie is 90% good and sweet, and 10% spazzy and anxious. Malcolm is 90% adorable and chill, and 10% hyper and food/toy possessive.

They are overwhelmingly awesome dogs, falling a little short of perfection. And let’s face it, I’m not perfect, either.

Something about best laid plans…

So I had this idea that the husband and I were going to take the dogs to the 1st annual Run Fur Fun, benefiting Animal House Rescue and Grooming. It was going to be really fun, and I was going to take lots of pictures, and I was going to write a great blog post about the experience. I tell you, it was going to be GREAT!

Uh…. not so much…

The reality is Maggie and Malcolm are just dogs, and hey, I’m just human. Let’s say you take two dogs and surround them with a lot of other dogs of varying temperaments and training and, hell, throw in a bunch of people, too. Oh, the sights, the sounds, the stimulation!

Dogs will be dogs

Here’s where my great idea went out the window- my dogs aren’t perfect. Maggie was over-stimulated and acting about as spazzy as she gets. Malcolm was feeding off Maggie’s anxiety and acting a little unruly himself.

There I was, a bona fide pet blogger, struggling with two temporarily over-stimulated, barking, pulling dogs.One participant commented about Maggie, “she’s certainly feisty, isn’t she?!” Feisty, yeah. The sidelong glances and looks of disapproval were not lost on me.

We purposely hung at the very back of the race, leaving ample space between us and other race participants. Well, that sort-of worked except when people ahead of us stopped to rest and we’d catch up to them. And there were a few other folks that were determined to bring up the rear, occasionally surprising us when a small dog on a retractable leash suddenly rushed up from behind.

Sometimes humans are the real problem

At first I was embarrassed by my dogs dog-like behavior. Other times I was annoyed. Towards the end of the 5K I let go of my unhelpful judgments and attitudes and managed to enjoy the day. And you know what- the more I relaxed, the more the pups relaxed, too- funny how it works that way, isn’t it?

So here I am, writing my blog post about the event, though from a very different perspective than the one I intended to write. Writing about accepting my dogs limitations and still loving them immensely.

In retrospect, and with a little perspective, it was a wonderful event! Just go check out the photos posted by Animal House and you can see all the fun that was had. There’s even a shot of Malcolm:

Mal at AH Run Fur FunPhoto via Animal House Rescue and Grooming

What’s the moral of the this story? I have great, if imperfect, dogs and that’s okay with me. All I have to do is relax and enjoy the run!

Maggie AH Run Fur Fun

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