New Face Behind Tails of Fort Collins

Hello Tails of Fort Collins readers! If this is your first time here, welcome. If you’ve been here before, then you know I’m the new kid, taking over the Tails blog from the fabulous Chrysta. As a fellow animal advocate and big fan of four-legged creatures, I’m excited to step into this great platform on the The Scoop Network.

Animals are a big part of my life — not just because I’m a pet owner to two fabulous kitties, but because I often choose to spend my free time caring for or assisting in the healing of animals. I’ve scooped the poop, spent many a night pet sitting a family of various critters, and helped rehab countless baby birds, raccoons and squirrels as a former employee of the Larimer Humane Society in the now defunct WildKind.

Beyond the “credentials”, I just truly enjoy the deep connection I have with all types of animals. It’s a big part of who I am as a person. My work with wild animals was and continues to be very meaningful to me, igniting within me a deep appreciation for all the creatures sharing our community.

So now that you know a bit more about me and why I feel drawn to serve as a community resource for both animals and humans, let’s get down to what I’m going to be covering.

Like the blog founder, Chrysta, I will continue to talk about local issues that impact pets and pet owners. That includes pet healthcare, animal welfare, community outreach and sharing unique pet stories. These are important for any community, but especially for a pet-friendly city like Fort Collins.

In addition to these hot topics, I will also cover animal training, alternative healing options for pets, equine care and therapies, local stories about wild animals and birds, and highlight non-traditional pets. I might even throw in some posts on animals totems and their meanings once and awhile just because it’s fun reading. I will still feature some guest posts from time to time, so there is an opportunity for you to learn from other animal-adoring folks, too.

So if any of this sounds interesting, I would love for you to keep reading. Have special interest topics you want to see covered, or know a great pet to feature in the “Happy Endings” installment? Just give me a shout out at and tell me more. Also keep an eye out for my posts on Wednesdays and Fridays.

I’m excited to get started. Cheers to a happy week for you and your pets!

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  • Chloe

    I have two topics that are important to me! First and foremost: my puppy is adorable but WILL NOT STOP PEEING EVERYWHERE!!! He goes out every 20 minutes all day and gets rewards for peeing in the right place, but it’s like he’s intentionally holding some just so he can pee on our floors. WHY??!!!!????! And make him stop!
    Second, Boulder has a voice command rule instead of leash laws in a lot of places. Can you check out what real impact that has had and benefits/downfalls of that system? I’m interested to know if it’s actually a good idea or if there isn’t enough enforcement of what “voice control” means to make it work. We have an older dog who heels and comes when called always. And is as practically well behaved and trained as a seeing eye-dog so it’s annoying that he has to be on a leash…especially when dogs and owners with no manners cause trouble on leash, anyway. You know who I’m talking about- people getting drug around by the jumping, running, growling dog they never bothered to train.

    • Katrina Pfannkuch

      Hey Chloe! Thanks so much for submitting some really good, insightful questions. I think you’ve hit on some good hot buttons that impact dog owners and new puppy mamas.

      Elimination training can be a bit much to handle, especially when you have a puppy you are trying to integrate into your family with an older existing pet. I will definitely look into some puppy training techniques and resources to share in the weeks ahead on the blog that can hopefully be of some help.

      I also agree that learning more about the differences in leash laws between cities and counties would be very beneficial for so many readers — especially folks who travel within Colorado and do a lot of outdoors activities with their pets (like you do). It can be a bit of a challenge when trying to be mindful of local laws and managing your pets in a way that’s different than what they are used to in public.

      I will see what I can dig up to help!

  • Andrea

    Welcome Katrina! Can’t wait to see your posts and what you have in store for the blog! :)

    • Katrina Pfannkuch

      Thanks so much Andrea! It will be fun to write about lots of different critters and share very helpful insights from vets and animals trainers too.