The Scratchin’ Post Cat Boarding “Kitty Spa”

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The holidays are a bit of fun, stress and family irritation all wrapped into one. There are things to make and places to be, not to mention travel plans that may or may not include pets. While dogs are a bit more complicated in terms of their daily needs and require dedicated care, many people think leaving cats alone for long periods of time is no big deal. But is that really true?

What happens when you have cats with behavior problems, special health needs, or you are going away for more than just a few days? Maybe you are like me and work from home, so your cats are used to someone being home all day, every day. Will you count on a neighbor to swing by and take care of your cats, perhaps hire a pet sitter? Or would boarding your cats be the best option?

After visiting The Scratchin’ Post in Fort Collins a feline boarding facility that caters to exclusively to cats and is located next door to Fort Collins Cat Rescue/Spay Neuter Clinic, I would definitely vote to board my cats. There are so many reasons why.

Here is a good view of the cages. Each has it's own litter box.

Here is a good view of the individual cages. Each has it’s own litter box.

About The Scratchin’ Post and Owner Cat Ballew

Owner Cat Ballew has run The Scratchin’ Post, a state licensed feline boarding facility, for over 10 years. Not only does she love cats and treat each one as if they were her own, but she is fulfilling her life-long dream of running a cat boarding business. Ballew truly understands and appreciates the healing power of the bond between animals and humans, and you can see that demonstrated through the great level of care and detail she has put into her business.

Looks like a real home.

Looks like a real home.

Ballew has set up the interior of The Scratchin’ Post to look just like a living room and you must knock on the front door to come in because cats are often out and about playing, roaming or snoozing. There are private rooms for each cat that can be connected or closed (depending on the need) so family cats can choose to hang out in each other’s cage.

Once I settled in to chat with Ballew she let out some of her kitty guests. They were all so friendly, wanting pets, jumping in my lap and happy to snuggle. Each cat was given personalized attention and it showed.

Kitty on desk

This little guy insisted on hanging out on the desk while I did the interview. So cute!

All the Kitty Spa Inclusions

Aside from spacious accommodations and generous free time, all the cats get lots of entertainment:

  • Operational fish tank with lots of fish to watch
  • Big windows that let in tons of light for sunbathing
  • A cage of live birds to watch
  • Classical music playing in the background
  • Supervised, designated play/social times complete with catnip treats (organic, fresh, grown in-house)
  • Special room featuring “kitty TV” that serves as a social area for owners visiting long-term stay pets
  • Brushing and lots of pets, in addition to certified feline massage
  • Remote video monitoring option to watch your cats

Owners are encouraged to bring in special food, toys and items from home that smell like you or your home environment to help kitties feel at home. The Scratchin’ Post provides high-quality dry food, fresh water, a litter box and food bowls. All cat owners must provide proof of vaccinations in writing to ensure all pets are safe.

“My goal is to provide a good community service, making sure all the cats are safe and happy,” says Ballew. In my opinion, it totally shows.


Located in the center of the playroom, the fish tank is one of the many kitty entertainment features.

I think it's cool the cats get to watch real birds!

I think it’s cool the cats get to watch real birds!

Benefits of a Stand Alone Feline-Only Boarding Facility

One of the biggest benefits of using feline-specific facility is the comfort and quiet. No barking dogs and no vet-like smells (something that can be very stressful to cats). The fees are very reasonable at $14.00 per day per cat and you can also board several cats from one family at a discount.

Ballew said that most cats adjust quickly to the environment. They are let in and out of the cages in groups so there are no “turf” wars, and because they aren’t at home, there’s no “territory” to defend. She does, however keep an eye on “crabby cats” and makes sure they have a time out away from the others to keep things light and playful.

Some of Ballew’s clients have very long-term needs, so the boarding facility is ideal. For people building or buying homes, recovering from surgery or dealing with long-term health complications, knowing that their cats are loved in a home-like environment is just what they need for peace of mind.


These kitties are collected and ready to go home. They are in the waiting area for pick up.

Kitty Day Care Service Bonus

The Scratchin Post also offers kitty day care, which is perfect for folks dealing with home renovations, hosting an event or family gathering. It’s also great for cats who need a bit of socialization when they are young, or spend a lot of time home alone as a single cat. Foster parents also bring in kittens to help improve their socialization skills.

As a consumer, cat owner and former pet sitter, I think The Scratchin’ Post is definitely like a spa treatment for your pet. I think any pet would be happy in this fun space and given more love than they could possibly need.


So what do you think? Have you tried kitty boarding? Did it work for you? Have you used The Scratchin’ Post specifically?

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