Welcome Home, Max!

A new furry family member

Yep, I did it. I adopted a kitty.

Larimer Humane Society was having a $5 adoption special on adult cats and I just happened to have space in my heart and home for shelter pet!

Meet Max, my newest furry family member:

Max's first night

Getting comfortable in a new home

Bringing a new pet into the home is never easy, and it seems there’s always a difficult transition between the new pet and the resident pets. Bringing Max home was no different.

Max spent his first night in the bathroom to give him some time and space to adjust without the dogs and other cats bothering him.

After the first night we moved Max into our bedroom, where he’s been since. So far he spends most of his time sleeping under the bed during the day, and comes out at night to explore.

I allowed Max to roam outside the bedroom one evening to gauge how he interacts with the other cats, and vice versa. I was surprised that Max seemed fairly relaxed and it’s my other two cats that were upset- hissing and growling if Max came too close.

hmmm… it may take a couple of weeks to allow the cats to get used to each other. In the meantime I’m taking full advantage of the Feliway spray and diffuser to calm and comfort the cats during the transition. Hooray for modern science!

For now I’m keeping Max away from the dogs, or the dogs away from Max, as the case may be. That challenge will come later, after Max is integrated with the cats.

A dose of cuteness

I’ll leave you with a dose of cuteness that occurred as I was folding laundry. I opened the dryer door and Max jumped right in! There’s nothing like warm, fresh laundry!

mmm... fresh laundry

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